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Field Meters & Static Locators Field Service Kits Floor Care ESD Floor Cleaner ESD Floor Finish ESD Floor Paint ESD Floor Stripper ESD Floor Tiles Ionization Ionizing Accessories Ionizing Guns Overhead Ionizers Table Top Ionizers Personal Grounding Coil Cords Heel & Toe Grounders Wrist Straps Table & Floor Matting Floor Mats & Rolls Grounding & Hardware Table Mats & Rolls Test Equipment Calibration Equipment Resistance/Resistivity Testers Test Stations Wrist & Footstrap Testers Gloves Industrial Latex Nitrile Hand Tools-Pliers-Tweezers-Cutters-Wire Cutters-Strippers-Wrenches Brushes Applicator & Acid Brushes Bench Brushes Cleanroom Brushes ESD Safe Brushes Instrument & Parts Cleaning Brushes Scratch Brushes Crimpers Crimping Tools Die Sets Driver Bits Drivers Accessories Driver Sets Driver Systems Handles Interchangeable Blades Nutdrivers Screwdrivers Files Forceps & Hemostats Hex Keys Knives & Blades Blade & Cutting Tools Blade Removal Knives & Handles Razor Blades Replacement Blades Scalpel Blades Other Tools Cable Tie Guns Pin Vices Pliers Bent, Curved, & Snipe Nose Pliers Chain Nose Pliers Component Lead Forming Pliers Cutting Pliers Flat Nose Pliers IC Insertion & Extraction Pliers Locking Pliers Long Nose Pliers Micro Pliers Needle Nose Pliers Plier Kits Round Nose Pliers Self-Opening & Reverse Action Pliers Specialty Pliers Power Tools Bit Adapters Electric Drivers Power Bits & Blades Torque Drivers Precision Cutters-Wire Cutters Angled Head Cutters Beveled Head Cutters Bull Nose Cutters Diagonal Head Cutters Micro Head Cutters Oblique Head Cutters Oval Head Cutters Pneumatic Cutters Relieved Head Cutters Reverse Head Cutters Round Head Cutters Specialty Cutters Swanstrom M-Series Medical Grade Wire Cutters Tapered Head Cutters Tapered/Relieved Head Cutters Transverse End Cutters Wire Cutting Shears Probes, Scribes, & Spudgers PT Brand Tweezers Ceramic Ergonomic ESD Safe Plastic Tip Precision Tweezers PT Cutting and Stripping Removable/Replaceable Tip Tweezers Reverse Action SMD Scissors & Shears Castroviejo Scissors High Precision & Medical Grade Scissors Iris Scissors Kevlar Shears & Scissors Large Scissors Ribbon Style Scissors Self-Opening Scissors Shear Cutters Snips Standard Scissors Spatulas & Oilers Tool Kits Tweezers Curved & Bent Tip Tweezers Cutting & Stripping Epoxy Coated Ergonomic ESD Safe Plastic Practical Tools Brand Tweezers Precision Tweezers Removable Specialty Tip Tweezers Reverse Action Wafer & SMD Component Handling Tweezers Vacuum & Pickup Tools Battery Powered Systems & Accessories Battery Powered Systems & Accessories Electric Vacuum Systems & Accessories Manual Vacuum Pens, Kits, & Parts Pickup Tools Roto-Pic Vacuum Systems & Accessories Vacuum Cups Vacuum Probes & Tips Wire Strippers Wrenches Adjustable Wrenches Combination Wrenches Wrench Sets Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Evaporators Laboratory Freeze Dryers Laboratory Ovens Laoratory Incubators Safety Scienscope Microscopes-Scienscope X-Ray-Scienscope Inspection Excelta Inspection Mirrors Eye Loupes Scienscope Microscope Accessories-Scienscope Accessories Adapters Auxiliary/Objective Lenses Bulbs & Replacement Lighting Couplers & Splitters Digital Cameras Doubler Magnification Lenses Eyepieces Image Capture & Digital Storage Iris Diaphragms Macro & Micro Zoom Lenses Microscope Bodies & Heads Microscope Lighting Microscope Protection Mounts & Stands Optics Calibration Polarizers & Filters Video Monitors Scienscope Optical Inspection Microscopes-Scienscope Microscope E-Series (CMO) Microscope Systems ELZ (Binocular) Microscope Systems NZ (Binocular) Microscope Systems NZ (ESD Safe TRUE Trinocular) Microscope Systems NZ (TRUE Trinocular) Microscope Systems SSZ-II (Binocular) Microscope Systems SSZ-II (Trinocular) Microscope Systems Scienscope Video Inspection Microscope-Scienscope Optical Inspection Microscopes MAC Series Macro Zoom Video Microscope Systems MAC2 Series Macro Zoom Video Microscope Systems MZ7A Series Micro Zoom Video Microscope Systems Scienscope Video Measurement Scienscope X-Ray Inspection Systems Scienscope-Excelta-Daylight Magnifiers-Lighting Accessories & Hardware Handheld Magnification Lenses & Add-On Magnification Magnifying Lamps Replacement Bulbs Shenmao Solder Materials-Shenmao Solder-Shenmao Solder Paste BGA Spheres Desolder Braid Flux Liquid Flux Tacky Flux Solder Paste Halogen-Free Solder Paste Lead-Free Solder Paste No-Clean Solder Paste Tin-Lead Solder Paste Water Soluble Solder Paste Solder Wire Corded Solder Wire Halogen-Free Solder Wire Lead-Free Solder Wire No-Clean Solder Wire Solid Core Solder Wire Water Soluble Solder Wire Soldering & Rework Accessories for Soldering & Rework Cleaning & Maintaince Tools Connector Assemblies Cords Desoldering Pumps Filters Heating Assemblies & Elements Miscellaneous Accessories Replacement Parts Sensors Solder Wire Feeders Sponges & Cleaning Wire Stands & Fixtures Thermocouples Tip & Nozzle Holders Tip Retainers Tip Thermometers Tip Tinner Tools Butane & Cordless Soldering Tools Circuit Board Holders & Vices Accessories Circuit Board Holder & Vice Units Cleaners & Chemicals Desolder Braid Fume Extraction Heat Guns Hot Air Hot Air Accessories Hot Air Stations Irons, Pencils, & Tweezers Masking Dots & Tape Preheaters Preheater Accessories Preheater Units Solder Baths Solder Bath Accessories Solder Bath Units Solder Mask Soldering & Rework Stations BGA Rework Systems Power & Control Units Rework (Desolder) Station Systems Soldering Station Systems Soldering Guns Thermal Wire Strippers Tips, Nozzles, & Cartridges 900 Series (Hakko FS-8801 900S/900L/900M 907/908/913/914) CT Series (Weller W60P/W60P3 W100PG/W100P3) DS Series (Weller DS40/DS60/DS80 DSV80/DSTCP) DX Series (Weller DXV80/DSX80) EPH Series (Weller EC1302/EC1301) ET Series (Weller PES51 EC1302/EC1301) LHT Series (Weller WSP150) LT Series (Weller WSP80) NT Series (Weller WMP) Other PT Series (Weller TC201) RT Series (Weller WMRP) RT-MS (Mil-Spec) Series (Weller WMRPMS) RTW Series (Weller WMRT) RTW-MS (Mil-Spec) Series (Weller WMRTMS) T15 Series (Hakko FM-2027) T18 Series (Hakko FX-8801 900M/907/913) Weller Modular Heater Tips Weller SMT Nozzles & Baffles (HAP1/HAP2/HAP3/HAP200 WQB4000SOPS WHA3000P/WHA900) Weller Solder Gun Series Tips (8200/7200 D550/TB100PK) WTA Series (Weller WTA150) XHT Series (Weller WXP200) XNT Series (Weller WXP65) XT Series (Weller WP120) Wire, Paste, & Flux Swabs FoamTec Swabs CleanWIPE ESD Safe Foam Swabs CleanWIPE Foam Swabs MiraSWAB Microfiber ESD Safe Swabs MiraSWAB Microfiber Swabs PolyCHECK Poly Fabric Swabs PolySWAB Poly Fabric ESD Safe Swabs PolySWAB Poly Fabric Swabs SurfCHECK Cleaning Validation System UltraSOLV Foam ESD Safe Swabs UltraSOLV Foam Swabs Tape Aisle Marking Tape Polyimide Kapton Tape Weller Fume Extraction-Weller Fume extractors-Weller ZeroSmog Accessories Handpieces & Adapters Hoses, Arms, & Connectors Miscellaneous Accessories Mounts & Clamps Nozzles & Hoods Replacement Parts Filters Carbon Filters HEPA Filters Other Filters Prefilters Fume Extraction Units Smoke Absorbers & Fans Wipers FoamTec Wipers CleanWIPE Foam Wipers General Purpose Wipers

    Practical Tools is a supplier of assembly tools and supplies to Medical Manufacturing, Bio-Medical Research, Electronics Assemembly, Military, and Aerospace. Specializing in Scienscope, Shenmao, Weller, Hakko, ASI, 3M, and Foamtec products. by Practical Tools is a leading distributor of equipment and assembly tools for the medical manufacturing & research, electronics assembly, military and aerospace sectors. supplies Scienscope inspection and microscope systems, Shenmao solder, Weller and Hakko soldering & desoldering equipment, ASI Adhesive Systems Inc. adhesives and sealants, 3M ESD & static control, Swanstrom superior quality cutters and hand tools, Foamtec swabs, wipers and other supplies for critical cleaning as well as most well-known brands of hand tools and other production supplies. Learn more about

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